Seelbach's Inside The Distillery: St. Augustine Distillery

This week, we go inside St. Agustine Distillery. We sit down Head of Production, Lucas Smith, and Head Distiller Daniel Joslin. It's unique to see two distillers but both Daniel and Lucas are knowledgeable and do a great job. As always, we get into the weeds of how St. Augustine operates. Here's a quick review of the topics we hit:

- St. Augustine was named the Best Distillery Tour of North America

- Their distilling methods and production volumes

- How they make their cuts when running on the pot still.

- St. Augustine Bourbon comes off of the still around 140 proof and goes into a 53-gallon barrel at 110 proof. They used to use 25-gallon barrel but are now solely in 53's.

- We talk about production for their rum, gin, and vodka

- How the Florida heat affects the aging process

- What's new including a huge change in their bourbon

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  • When is the St. Augustine coming back?

    Maria Miranda

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