A Craft Spin On National Vodka Day

Today is National Vodka Day. Part of me would like to dismiss this clear spirit and reach for something barrel aged. But, vodka is still the number 1 selling spirit in the US. With the influx of craft distillers, vodka flavor profiles have grown. The once clear and odorless spirit is now filled with unique and tasty replacements.

A quick refresher. By definition, vodka is "distilled from any material at or above 95% alcohol by volume (190 proof), and if bottled, bottled at not less than 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof)." To get a little deeper, vodka should be "without distinctive character, aroma, taste or color."

Here are my suggestions for celebrating National Vodka Day. In my opinion, they don't fit the definition of "without distinctive taste". And, that's what I love about them!

Seelbach's Vodka Collection

3 Vodka's To Celebrate With:

St. Augustine Cane Vodka

This vodka is distilled from a sugarcane base. There's a subtle sweetness. It has earthy and grassy notes. This vodka fits perfect as a white rum replacement if you're looking to cut down on sweetness. It also makes a great Moscow Mule.

Covington Sweet Potato Vodka


I originally thought this was some sort of flavored vodka joke. Turns out Covington is what happened when 3rd generation sweet potato farmers in rural eastern North Carolina were looking for a new project. This vodka is sweet and marshmallow(y) with hints of spice. It pairs well with fall cocktails. This Apples&Pears!

10th Mountain Vodka


This is the traditional vodka of Seelbach's. Distilled from potatoes it is crisp and clean. It leans toward the true definition of vodka. But, sometimes that's exactly what you need! Use 10th Mountain Vodka in your traditional vodka drinks like a Martini or Bloody Mary.


Manifest Citrus Flavored Vodka

"Flavored" can have a bad connotation. Manifest Citrus Vodka is more of an infused vodka. Manifest hand-picked 600 lbs of citrus (oranges, grapefruit and meyer lemons) then juiced the citrus. The citrus was left to macerate with their potato vodka overnight. It was then redistilled and proofed down before bottling. This is one of my favorite vodkas. I always have a bottle on the shelf. Mix with orange juice or tonic and you have an incredible drink!

Seelbach's Vodka Collection

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