Exploring Craft Spirits

Seelbach's is a growing collection of vetted spirits and wines from the best craft producers in the U.S. 

We bring obscure spirits and wines to curious drinkers!


Seelbach's Purpose

Farm Focused

We look for distillers growing their own grain or working with local farmers. These distilleries are resurrecting nearly extinct heirloom grains. These raw materials allow for a new twist on the flavor profile of classic spirits.

Distilling Focused

Our distillery partners craft small batch spirits with artisan stills. They're not giant alcohol producers. These distillers are the definition of "handmade" spirits. We are proud to feature some of these heritage distilling methods. That could be anything from open flame pot stills to lower proofs off of the still.

Maturation Focused

Spirit maturation is a broad category. Different types of wood, barrel entry proofs and climates can all have a drastic affect on taste. Most spirits need time to mellow. These distilleries are making the hard decision to wait before releasing their spirits. They're testing the limits where large distillers don't have the flexibility.