Richland Rum Recognized In Martha Stewart Living

Congratulations to Richland Rum for their Highlight in the November issue of Martha Stewart Living! I love seeing some of my favorite craft distilleries in large publications. Here is what they had to say:

Though it’s made from organic Georgia sugarcane, Richland rum has global roots. Karin and Erik Vonk, both Dutch descendants, take cues from a method pioneered in the French Caribbean islands to create Rhum agricole (meaning “agricultural rum”), which starts with pure sugarcane juice instead of molasses, an inexpensive, less flavorful ingredient. Georgia spring water is added, and the mixture is aged for up to six years in barrels made of white oak from Wisconsin, resulting in a spirit that transcends tiki drinks and cola pairings. In fact, its deep flavor and smooth-as-butter finish sip more like bourbon or cognac do—and that’s the way it’s intended to be enjoyed (or in simple cocktails, with three additions or fewer). By harvesting, distilling, and aging it all on their property, the Vonks are trailblazers and the only single-estate rum producers in the country.

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  • Best tasting rum every last time I had it was this rum was at the Toast of the Town in Columbus Ga.

    Erica gibbs

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