Seelbach's Inside The Distillery: Spirits Of French Lick

This is the first episode of Seelbach's Inside the Distillery. We dive deep into what makes craft distilleries different. In this episode, we sit down with Alan Bishop from Spirits of French Lick. Alan is extremely knowledgeable. We get into the weeds a bit on topics like pot vs. column distillation, grain selection in craft distilleries, the Lee Sinclair bourbon as well as the history behind the brand.

Seelbach's is currently the only place to purchase Lee Sinclair outside of Indiana.

If you're just interested in the Lee Sinclair information skip ahead to the 19:47 mark of the video.


Product Details:

These days we're programmed to think "sourced whiskey" when we see "Distilled in Indiana" on a label. That's not the case in French Lick, IN at Spirits of French Lick. The distillery is lead by experienced distiller Alan Bishop. Bishop, a long-time distiller and owner of a seed company has one moto in his distillation “Respect the grain.” Lee Sinclair Bourbon does an incredible job of highlighting the grain!

Lee Sinclair was a prominent businessman from Indiana. Spirit of French Lick set out to honor his legacy through this release. 

Mash Bill: Corn/Wheat/Oats/Caramel malt

Distillation Type: Double pot distilled

Entry Proof: 105 Proof

Barrel: 53-Gallon Char #2

Bottle Proof: 90 Proof

This bourbon is full of fruit and grain notes. It's amazing the amount of flavor they packed into a 2-year-old bourbon. This bourbon show's of the skill of the distiller. From grain selection to fermentation to distillation and aging this bourbon was methodically crafted. 

This is the limited first run. Make sure to grab a bottle while it lasts!


  • What’s the cost of your products?

    Maurice O’Connor
  • Sean Rutan, our ageing room is a non climate controlled room in our building with 30-40 degree yearly swings, high humidity, and excellent air flow. It has more in common with a brandy Chai or celler than a traditional rackhouse. We use it for products like Lee Sinclair where we are dealing with volatile aroma components like oats. If we were to age these volatile components in a traditional manner we would loose their aroma and subsequently flavor. The heavier/spicier styles of Bourbon and whiskey are aged in a rackhouse that is a bit of a hybrid between a traditional house and a Scottish Dunnage.

    Woodrow, all I ask is that you try :)

    Pentti, we make spirits for folks like you! Thank you!

    Alan Bishop
  • Ordered my second bottle. Very smooth, excellent taste and aroma. Excellent job by Alan Bishop and his team.

    Ronald Schmidt
  • Just tried this tonight. WOW. Loved it so much I ordered 2 more bottles. Great flavor.

    Pentti Gillespie
  • Just tried this tonight. WOW. Loved it so much I ordered 2 more bottles. Great flavor.

    Pentti Gillespie

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