Seelbach's Inside The Distillery: Grand Traverse Distillery

In this weeks episode, we talk with Landis Rabish from Grand Traverse Distillery. Grand Traverse Distillery is in Traverse City, MI. They focus on grain-to-glass distilling. They source their grains from a farm just a few miles from the distillery.

Grand Traverse Distillery uses a 60/30/10 corn/rye/malted barley for their bourbon and 100% rye on their rye whiskey. They started with a lower percentage of rye in their bourbon. Because they love the rye flavor they get they decided to increase the amount of rye.



Show Notes:

- Founded in 2007 making grain-to-glass vodka

- [13:04] to hear a dephlegmator defined and how it affects distilling

- [15:05] why copper is used in stills

- [20:09] the difference in distillation with whiskey vs. vodka

- [23:13] what a distillers production day looks like

- [29:00] explanation of their Cherry Whiskey. It's not the flavored whiskey you're used to!

- [34:30] a sneak peek at a new product line but a great explanation of solera aging

- [36:17] we discuss barrel selection and how the wood plays a large factor in the aging in development of the whiskey. Grand Traverse is now working with Seguin Moreau Napa Cooperage to test high-vanillin barrels

Grand Traverse Distillery Collection:






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