Grand Traverse Distillery

In Traverse City, you can stumble upon a building on the outskirts of town that hosts a custom built Arnold Holstein still from Germany. For the past decade that still has been utilized to produce the region's premier spirits from grain to bottle, spirits that have received international acclaim and awards. Our distillers make cuts by taste and not by automation. We empty barrels when they're perfect and not on a schedule. Every bottle is inspected and capped by hand, and all of that results in a truly handcrafted spirit. 

It all starts in the soil. Our rye, wheat, and corn are grown and harvested just a few miles from the distillery at Send Brothers Farm in Williamsburg, MI. The Grand Traverse region is known for our rolling hills, fresh water and harsh seasons, all of which lend well to maintaining hearty and tested crops. 

Bins from the farm are delivered weekly and we mill the yield down into our mash tun at the perfect recipe. Our spirits are a Certified Craft Distilled, Kosher and Pure Michigan at its finest, so much so that we can put it on the bottle.

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