Tualatin Valley Distilling Oregon Single Malt

Tualatin Valley Distilling Oregon Single Malt

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Proof: 92

Bottle size: 375 ml

TVD's Single Farm Oregon Single Malt Barley comes from Mecca Grade Estate Growers in Madras, Oregon.

  • Batches 5 & 6 of our Oregon Single Malt is our initial release vintage from Mecca Grade Estate Growers grown in the 2014 “Full Pint” Two-row Barley fields #3 through #8 and #28, just north of Agency Plains as found in the farm plot map below. The next future release will be from fields #19 and #20.
  • Mecca Grade has their own mechanized floor malting facility which is producing one of the best malts commercially available.
  • The Full Pint, Pelton varietal malted barley is milled, brewed, fermented, and twice pot-distilled at Tualatin Valley Distilling in Hillsboro, Oregon.
  • The single malt whiskey is then vatted and blended from both barrels types prior to proofing and bottling.

Tasting notes: 

This aged whiskey presents a balance between caramel, fresh cut wood, mild peanut butter and jelly notes, with a hint of light carob and anise on the back of the palate. With a mild note of char over taken by caramel, this whiskey continues to maintain a subtle complexity sure to please the Scotch drinker’s palate.