Schooner Rum

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This rum is distilled by Finger Lakes Distilling as a celebration of the ship "True Love". Commissioned in 1925 by Elmer J. Bliss, Venona II (TRUE LOVE) was built in 1926 in Wiscasset, Maine by Pendleton Brothers Shipyard. After Venona II’s sister ships gained notoriety for their sailing records, Venona II was eventually renamed True Love, among other names and went on to make a reputation as a movie star.

True Love made her movie debut in the 1940 romantic comedy, The Philadelphia Story, where she appeared as a miniature model of herself. Sixteen years later in 1956, True Love would make her life size debut in the musical-film High Society, starring Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong. There is the famous scene where, Bing Crosby serenades Grace Kelly with the song “True Love”, composed by Cole Porter, while onboard True Love.

True Love is not only a symbol of American sailing history and American naval architecture, but also a representation of the love of generations past, present, and future. Those who set sail with this truly majestic boat on the waters of Seneca Lake will feel as if they have fallen in love all over again. This rum was made to reflect those ideals.