Old Dominick Huling Station Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

Old Dominick Huling Station Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

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Barrel: 53-gallon

Source: MGP Contract (more info below)

Mash Bill: 52/44/4 corn/rye/malted barley

Proof: 100 proof

Review: It's immediate caramel, vanilla, and stewed cherries. There are brown sugar and a soft tobacco notes. It drinks suprisingly easy at 100 proof and 44% rye. I was expecting some sharp notes. There weren't any. It's just a great toffee forward bourbon.

Backstory: This is bourbon has an interesting production story. Old Dominick started out with an MGP made bourbon just like many other distillers. That's what you'll find in the bottle today. However, what they did at MGP was actually a little different. They used their own mash bill, brought their own yeast strain and trucked in Memphis water all the way to Lawrenceburg, IN. Luckily, they did this several years ago because MGP no longer allows contract distilling! But, there's plenty of bourbon aging and ready to go in Memphis. Old Dominick hired former Wild Turkey distillery supervisor, Alex Castle, to take on the role as Master Distiller. They've been pumping out high rye bourbon since 2016.

The name pays homage to where the Old Dominick story began in 1866, a bustling the warehouse where D. Canale first sold his bourbon in downtown Memphis, Tennessee, with each sip invoking a feeling of rediscovery.