Old Dominick Famed Memphis Toddy

Old Dominick Famed Memphis Toddy

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High-Rye Bourbon Infused with Complex Botanicals & Spice

Mash Bill: 52/44/4 corn/rye/malted barley


Ingredients: Cardamom, Clove, Black Pepper, Cinnamon & Citrus Peel

Backstory: In a nod to rollicking pre-Prohibition Memphis, we give you Domenico Canale’s long-lost Memphis Toddy. Reborn from our family recipe, the Memphis Toddy blends high-rye bourbon with a curated array of natural ingredients. Subtle notes of citrus, botanicals, and honey coalesce into what can best be described as “southern infused”. Whether enjoyed neat, poured through cracked ice or as the highlight in an imaginative cocktail, it’s the Memphis spirit that’s made to be shared.

The name pays homage to where the Old Dominick story began in 1866, a bustling the warehouse where D. Canale first sold his bourbon in downtown Memphis, Tennessee, with each sip invoking a feeling of rediscovery.