New Riff Distilling Kentucky Wild Gin

New Riff Distilling Kentucky Wild Gin

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New Riff Distilling’s Kentucky Wild Gin is thoughtfully crafted with local wild foraged Kentucky botanicals, capturing the native flavors of the Ohio Valley and reflecting historical Kentucky gin ingredients. Twelve botanicals are distilled right in the pot, including a range of typical European gin ingredients (such as angelica, orris and licorice root, and three kinds of citrus). To these, we add two local, farmer-foraged wild seasonings, including a wild juniper berry and the amazing American Spicebush— both of which are on the Slow Food Ark of Taste—plus a bit of Kentucky’s state flower, goldenrod. The base spirit includes a dash of our new make rye whiskey spirit, enriching the texture and lengthening the flavor.

Botanical List:

Kentucky Juniper*
Traditional Juniper
Orris Root
Persian Lime
Bitter Orange Peel
Lemon Peel

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Classic gin botanicals with unique spicebush accents.

Palate: Spicy-dry botanical notes backed with Rye New Make richness.

Finish: Lively, gripping citrus-spice notes with balanced juniper.

Appearance: This non-chill-filtered gin preserves all the flavor and aroma from our copper pot still. It may cloud slightly when chilled. This is not only natural, it is delicious.