Celebrate Bottled-In-Bond Day!

March 3, 1897, the US government passed the Bottled-In-Bond Act. This consumer protection act was one of the first of it's kind. The act ensured that whiskey designated "Bottled-In-Bond" met the following criteria.

  •  Composed of the same kind of spirits produced from the same class of materials
  • Produced in the same distilling season by the same distiller at the same distillery
  • Stored for at least four years in wooden containers
  • Unaltered from their original condition or character by the addition or subtraction of any substance other than by filtration, chill proofing, or other physical treatments
  • Reduced in proof by the addition of pure water only to 100 proof

Why is this 123-year-old law still important? For one, it shaped a lot of the consumer protection laws we have today. If you haven't already you need to check out Brian Haara's book Bourbon Justice. Brian takes a fascinating dive into these laws and how they shaped our current legal system. 

Secondly, Bottled-In-Bond (BIB) is a mark of quality. With more and more non-age stated products on the market, BIB is a guarantee. This is even more prevalent in the craft spirits world. Having a product that is 4-years-old is impressive. To celebrate, we're offering free shipping on all Bottled-In-Bond purchases of $50 or more! Just use promo code "BIB"

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