Black Friday At Seelbach's

This is the first Black Friday for Seelbach's. We decided to try something a little different! I'm sure you've seen the lines of people camping outside of stores and distilleries for special release bottles. To prevent you from having to do that we're bringing the limited releases to you! We have two special distillery only releases available today. But, they're limited to 18 bottles each so you better hurry!

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Age: 4+ years

Mash Bill: 60/22/18 Corn/Malted Barley/Wheat

Proof: Cask Strength 114 proof

Barrel: 53-gall new charred out. Finished in 53-gallon barrels used to make Old Fashioned mix

Total Bottle Count: 500 bottles

For The Saint St. Augustine Distillery starts with their Florida Bourbon. The grains are milled and mashed onsite, and fermented with proprietary yeast strains in closed-top fermenters. The mash is distilled in a Vendome 750-gallon stripping still, and the spent grains are sent to local farmers for cattle feed – eliminating any waste from the process. The resulting low wines are then distilled to final proof in a Vendome 550-gallon spirit still.

At the same time, St Augustine sends their barrels to a producer to use to make their Old Fashioned mix. This pre-made cocktail mix ages in bourbon barrels for 9-months. The barrels are then sent back to St Augustine. Some of the oldest barrels in the warehouse were dumped into these Old Fashioned barrels to finish. 

The blend of flavors from this unique aging process is incredible. There are notes of chocolate, orange peel, cinnamon, and nutmeg. It's sweet up front but complex through the taste. The finish is long with notes of dried cherries and oak.

Age: 11-years

Proof: 114 proof

Barrel: 53-Gallon ex-Bourbon

Tasting Notes: Bottled at cask strength, on the nose, the whisky showcases aromas of soft caramel and milk chocolate mingled with toasted walnuts and vanilla. The palate evolves with notes of fresh nectarine and apricot merging into candied orange peel, shortbread, butterscotch and a hint of ginger.

Introduction to Journey Cask:

Join us on a distilling adventure as we celebrate our founder’s journey in the creation of Virginia Distillery Company with this new series. The Journey Cask Collection focuses on mentor distilleries from around the world, where the distillery or region was inspirational to our founder Dr. George G. Moore as he set out to make American Single Malt.

This series showcases exclusive single casks of aged single malts from various countries. The traditional name of each region is used to identify the series, a nod to the traditions of the past.

Hibernia: 11-year-old Irish Single Malt Whisky

We start with George’s homeland, Ireland. The first release, Hibernia, showcases an 11-year-old single malt from Ireland’s largest independent distillery, situated near where George grew up in County Louth.

Although we can’t disclose the distillery, we can say it is responsible for producing some of the greatest Irish single malts in the world. The patriarch behind this distillery was a mentor to George, and the family remains close friends of the Virginia Distillery Company. As a blending of our two distilling approaches, we have left the spelling of the whisky without the "e", as the Irish typically leave it in.

This limited release single cask comes in a special collector’s box and decorated bottle. Bottled unfiltered, the true expression of the whisky can be seen. Enjoy this unique single cask this holiday season from your friends at Virginia Distillery Company.


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