Seelbach's Quarterly


Seelbach's Quarterly is a subscription of hard to find and unique spirits for the curious and discerning. We work directly with craft distillers across the country to curate each box. In order to obtain this eclectic offering, you would have to visit each craft distillery to obtain the majority of these spirits. Instead, Seelbach's Quarterly brings the distillery visit to you!

The one question I consistently get since I started Seelbach's is "what should I buy?" It can be tough to select bottles based solely on product descriptions. Each quarter we will select one (or more bottles) that highlight the best of what craft spirits has to offer and send them directly to you. Each bottle will come with a full review as well as cocktail and drink ideas.

Shipping is included in each membership

Use "cybermonday" for 30% off your first quarter!

Spirit Explorer - $59

This offers curious drinkers a chance to try new products. The explorer package is wide-ranging. One quarter it may be a bottle of Rum. The following quarter the box may include a grain to glass Gin with one of our favorite mixers. It's constantly changing and meant for the adventurous drinker. 

Whiskey Enthusiast - $79

This is for the whiskey lover! Each quarter Seelbach’s vets a new round of whiskey. Each quarter includes a bottle as well as the story behind the bottle. We break down how it’s made and by who. This is a great intro to the world of craft whiskey. While there are lots of whiskey options we make sure you receive the best bottles each quarter.

Home Bar - $199

Receive a 4-5 bottle mix each quarter. Each package will include spirits, mixers, and bitters. A quarterly box may also include glassware and home bar tools. This ensures your home bar is always stocked with the finest craft products from around the country!

Commonly Asked Questions:

When will this ship?

Your first order ships as soon as you join. Your second order will ship within the first month of each new quarter (January, April, July, and October).

Because we're launching this in the last week of November the first delivery will be in the first two weeks of December. Just in time for the holidays!

Can I give this as a gift?

Absolutely! Just enter the shipping address of the person you'd like to send it to.

Do I pay for shipping?

Nope! Shipping is already included in the membership fee.

Do I choose what's in the box?

For now, we'll be doing the curating. We spend a lot of time researching and tasting new products. We hope you'll trust us with the bottles we select!

Am I locked in?

No. You're able to cancel your subscription at any time. You will be automatically billed for each quarter you receive a box.

Can you ship to my state?

We wish we could ship everywhere! Unfortunately, we're limited on the states we can deliver incredible spirits to. Please reference our shipping policy to find out if we can deliver to you.