St Augustine Distillery Port Finished Bourbon

St Augustine Distillery Port Finished Bourbon

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Mash Bill: 60/22/18 Corn/Malted Barley/Wheat

Barrel: 53-Gallon and 25-Gallon. Finished in Port Barrels

Proof: 102 proof

Age: 16-28 months with an additional 3-6 months in Port Barrels

St. Augustine Distillery Co. starts with their Florida Double Cask Bourbon. They finish the bourbon in port barrels from San Sebastian winery. The winery is visible from the distillery and makes for an incredible partnership.

Tasting Notes:

This is a port forward bourbon. It's chocolate raisins and spice. Toasted coconut and oak finish off the whiskey. It's complex and rich.

To Use:

Rocks glass with one large ice cube.