Coppersea Distilling

Coppersea Distilling uses Heritage Methods Distilling, revitalizing traditional distilling methods to make amazing spirits. 

Floor Malted Grain - We are one of only a handful of malting distilleries in the world. We exclusively use our own malt in-house and mill by hand at the distillery.

Open Fermentation - We ferment in American-made 500-gallon open wood tanks, and use sour-mashing for flavor enhancement and consistency.

Direct Fire - Our direct-fired simple alembic copper stills sit inside our custom-built still oven, enabling us to create spirits of depth and distinction.

Low Proof Aging - We age our spirits at 101 proof. Our barrel aging program includes the NY-oak aged Excelsior Bourbon, the first truly 100% New York whiskey in generations.


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