Spirits Of French Lick Aquavit

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A long-standing Scandinavian tradition turned into an American art-form.  Starting with a blend of 10 unique botanicals, Spirits of French Lick marry the botanicals together in their copper pot still. They combine the crispness of a fine gin with the savory flavor of a world-class Aperitif.  Distilled with confidence and crafted by tradition, enjoy this Caraway and Coriander flavored beauty as a shot, in a chilled glass or in the finest blended cocktail.  It can stand up to anything you throw at it!

Caraway, Coriander, Juniper and Dill are the primary flavor contributors. The other botanicals are trade secrets as this is an original recipe designed by Spirits of French Lick distiller, Alan Bishop.  They grist and macerate our botanicals in 70 proof neutral alcohol inside of our copper pot still "Sophia" for 18-24 hours prior to distillation.

Appearance: Crystal clear, sparkling with light, luminescent.  Heavy legs on the glass.

Aroma: Bright, crisp citrus character bouquet with savory spices of Caraway and Coriander rounding out an almost earthy undertone.

Front:  Nice strong sweet orange and caraway flavor

Mid:  Sweet, very heavy bodied, spicy to the sides, light black pepper, dill comes through light and elegant and well balanced with other savory herbs and botanicals.  Almost a slight apple note.  Hints of pine and juniper balance with an earthy and slightly pastoral sweetness that carries to the finish

Back: Sweet note down the middle, spice lingers at the sides of the tongue, resolves to coriander

Finish: Long and lingering, lots of culinary notes.  Almost a desert wine finish with a bit of fresh citrus lingering for a long while.  Great Aperitif.