County Seat Spirits

County Seat Spirits was founded in 2014 as the Lehigh Valley's first state licensed and federally permitted (DSP-PA-20019) distillery since prohibition. We began distilling in the Fall of 2014 and opened our tasting room to the public in February 2015.

County Seat Spirits is an independently owned and operated craft distillery located in the "County Seat" of Lehigh County - Allentown, Pennsylvania. County Seat Spirits was founded by John Rowe and Anthony Brichta.

Our goal is to transform what a "County Seat" means to its citizens. Our vision of a county seat is a place where people live, relax, work and most importantly - make things that the community around them can be immensely proud of. At County Seat Spirits, we work every day to personally and proudly make the finest craft spirits we can.

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