Wilderness Trail Bourbon Whiskey - Bourbon Community Roundtable

Wilderness Trail Bourbon Whiskey - Bourbon Community Roundtable

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Barrel: 53-Gallon E-S07P4

Proof: 114.35

Age: 4-Years 4-Months

Bottle Count: 228

Mash bill: 64/24/12 Corn/Rye/Malted Barley

Tasting Notes: Nose:  Sweet grain, corn, salted caramel candy, toffee, slight lemon peel. 

Palate: Sweet corn, caramel apple, toasted marshmallows, tempered oak, faint peanut.

Finish: Punchy heat, slight pepper, baking spice, and pecan.

Overall its a nicely layered bourbon with an interesting array of flavors that work well together. It's an easy sipper that is nicely punctuated with a dash of heat during the finish, which gives it the contrasting element the bourbon revels in.

The Story: This barrel was selected by the members of the Bourbon Community Roundtable. In September, Jordan (Breaking Bourbon), Ryan (Bourbon Pursuit) and I made our way to Wilderness Trail distillery to select a barrel. The first thing I notice is how beautiful the distillery is! Located in Danville, KY, Wilderness Trail Distillery was founded in 2013 by Shane Baker and Dr. Pat Heist. I'll dig into the distillery details in another post.

Going into a blind tasting I try to keep an open mind. I will always taste things blind and then narrow them to 3 options I think are best. We all taste the first bourbon and think "Wow". Was it the fact that it was the first sip? At this point, I had been up since 4 AM and I think any bourbon would elicit this reaction. We quietly taste our way through the rest of the samples.

Once everyone is done tasting the love for sample #1 starts to flow! We all thought it was our favorite. Our friend, Steve Clem, suggests we move to the blind tasting round. Jordan responds with "I select whichever is sample #1". We do end up tasting our top three samples blind. Spoiler alert. Sample #1 was the clear winner. Honestly, this was probably the easiest and quickest barrel pick I've ever done. The other samples were by no means bad. Barrel K617-10 just had an incredible amount of caramel, honey, dried orange peel, and cinnamon. These are all top tasting notes for me.