St Augustine Distillery Florida Double Cask Bourbon - 375ml

St Augustine Distillery Florida Double Cask Bourbon - 375ml

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Mash Bill: 60/22/18 Corn/Malted Barley/Wheat

Barrel: 53-Gallon and 25-Gallon

Proof: 93.8 proof

Age: 16-28 months

St. Augustine Distillery is proud to present Florida Double Cask Bourbon. The grains are milled and mashed onsite, and fermented with proprietary yeast strains in closed-top fermenters. The mash is distilled in a Vendome 750-gallon stripping still, and the spent grains are sent to local farmers for cattle feed – eliminating any waste from the process. The resulting low wines are then distilled to final proof in a Vendome 550-gallon spirit still.

The Double Cask Bourbon started in 25-gallon at 125 proof. Due to Florida’s heat and humidity, the decision was made to move a portion of the spirit into 53-gallon barrels to continue aging while preventing over-extraction. This first release is a combination of barrels ranging from 16 to 28 months of age. To really round out the spirit, the team decided to finish 7% of the spirit in port barrels. The resulting blend is round, fruity and well-balanced. After extensive bench trialing, the bourbon was bottled at 93.8 proof to best present the spirit’s true flavor.

Tasting Notes:

This bourbon is oak forward with lots of spice. The double barreling imparts oak, black pepper, and tobacco. It's mellowed by the addition of port finished bourbon. The port finished adds notes of chocolate and dark cherries.

To Use:


Rocks glass with one large ice cube. The addition of an orange peel is optional.