Spirits Of French Lick The Wheater

Spirits Of French Lick The Wheater

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Age: Blend of 2-year & 7-year

Source: 60% Spirits of French Lick 40% Wyoming source

Mash Bill: 70/20/10 (Corn/Wheat/Caramel Malt) & 68/20/12 (Corn/Wheat/Malted Barley)

Barrel: 53-gallon

Proof: 90 proof

“The Wheater”, a blend of straight bourbon whiskey, is an Indiana riff on the traditional Kentucky Style wheated mash bills. The foundation of this recipe is 70% Corn, 20% Wheat, and 10% Caramel Malt. “The Wheater” is a blend of
straight bourbons that are comprised of 60% Indiana Whiskey and 40% Merchant bourbon distilled in Wyoming. The Indiana straight bourbon was double pot distilled, mashed, fermented, and aged for a full two years at the Spirits of
French Lick in their Chai aging cellar. The Merchant bourbon’s mash bill was 68 % Corn, 20% Wheat, and 12% malted barley. It was distilled using only non-GMO local Wyoming products and is comprised of both column and pot distillation. The Merchant Wyoming whiskey was subsequently aged 5 years in a traditional rack house. The final two years of maturation were in the barrel Chai aging cellar on the grounds of the Spirits of French Lick. Both base Bourbons share the similar mash bills and highlight the vanilla-like sweetness that wheat gives in distillation with bold caramel and additional vanilla overtones. Of the blend Alan Bishop, Spirits of French Lick Distiller, says, “We wanted to highlight what wheat brings to the table as well as bridge the type of distillation and fermentation we do here at Spirits of French Lick with a somewhat more traditional bourbon profile.

The Merchant bourbon we purchased allowed us to do exactly that while maintaining the elements that we feel are essential to our style. Our barrel Chai worked extremely well for maintaining the more volatile components of the wheat profile and the caramel malt addition while providing a fruity aroma”. The two-year Indiana bourbon was matured in a two-year-old barrel from Kelvin Cooperage. The barrels were first given a medium toast, including the heads, and then the spirit entered into the cask at 105 proof. Kelvin Cooperage of Louisville Kentucky uses air cured staves in the production of their barrels. The staves were charred using wood left over from the coopering process, as opposed to gas fires. The barrels containing the Wyoming whiskey were charred using a number four char level. The staves were new American Oak using wood from the forests of Kentucky.