Spirits Of French Lick Absinthe Le Blue

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Spirits Of French Lick Absinthe Le Blue is a blend of 13 botanicals.  It's distilled in the clandestine fashion of the Swiss during the prohibition of absinthe period. Spirits of French Lick avoids all post distillation infusions. They rely on the trinity of Wormwood, Anise, and Fennel to provide a base upon which to build. 

Spirits Of French starts with neutral grain spirits in order to focus on “painting” with the botanicals on a blank canvas.  They macerate most of their botanicals for 18-24 hours in their pot still "Sophia" and add the remainder to the gin basket for oil extraction.  Distillation is performed very slowly to pull the most of the essence of the botanicals into the distillate.  The Absinthe is taken from 145 proof down to 120 over a number of weeks. The Absinthe is then tank aged in neutral stainless steel tanks.

Appearance: transparent but almost shimmering.  The oils from the botanicals give a slight haze to the distillate and the presence of chamomille sometimes gives a light yellow coloration.

Aroma: Pastural and fresh, herbaceous, woody, deep, and floral

Front: Anethol and wormwood are immediately apparent, with a slight tongue numbing effect.

Mid: a complex array of well-blended botanicals begins to spread across the palate with a gorgeous chamomille tone holding everything together in an orchestra of flavor

Back: The creaminess of the product becomes apparent and some slight bitterness from wormwood makes its presence known. Chamomile is omnipresent.

Finish: long and silky, mouth coating, Anethol for days.