McKenzie Single Barrel Ice Wine Finish

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Finger Lakes Distilling is in an area known for wine production. Over the last 10-years, they've made a mark by producing their flagship line of McKenzie Whiskeys. They were a pioneer in the New York State distilling movement. The company crafts whiskeys from local grain, controlling all aspects of production.
This whiskey is inspired by Aaron Goldfarb's book Hacking Whiskey. Read the full story behind this release here.
Mash Bill: 80/20 Rye/Malted Barley
Proof: 98.3 proof - Yes, it is barrel proof. Finger Lakes whiskey enters the barrel at 100 proof. I love seeing lower proof cask strength expressions.
Barrel: 53-gallon
Age: 3-years & 1-month (5 weeks in an ice wine barrel)
Tasting Notes: The initial nose is vanilla frosting and lemon curd. It 's sweet with notes of raspberry, pepper, mint, and caramel. The taste is bright and syrupy. There are more fruit notes of dried cranberries and golden raisins. The finish is long with notes of peach tea and almonds. It's incredible to drink a lower proof that's so well rounded and complex. There's no doubt it's sweet but the rye spice still holds its own.