McKenzie Bourbon - Bourbonr 5th Anniversary

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This bottle is a celebration of the Bourbonr 5th Anniversary. I selected a 5 year and 3-month-old wheated bourbon from Finger Lakes Distilling. The stars aligned for me on this barrel. Brian McKenzie at Finger Lakes was able to dump and bottle this barrel on the actual anniversary of Bourbonr (August 26th). It's barrel proof and unfiltered. The final proof on the bourbon was 107.

There is a lot of historical significance behind 107 proof wheated bourbon's. Here's some information from Coopered Tot:

My conclusion about the ubiquity of 107 proof is that, until 1962, distillers weren’t allowed to barrel whiskey at 125 proof the way they do today; the law permitted no higher than 110, and traditional barrels were mostly at 100. Given the normal rise in proof over 4 years, 107 was probably the expected dumping proof, which was then cut to 100, 86, or 80 in bottling. 107 proof would be what we call “barrel proof” today.

Mash Bill: 70/20/10 Corn/Wheat/Malted Barley

Proof: 107 proof

Barrel: 53-gallon, 36 months air-dried staves, char no. 4

Barrel Date: 5/7/13

Bottled Date: 8/26/18

I'd also like to thank Superfly Bourbon for the label design. If you need some design work done (bourbon or unrelated) check them out!