Kings County Distillery Bottled-In-Bond Bourbon

Kings County Distillery Bottled-In-Bond Bourbon

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Age: Minimum of 4-Years

Proof: 100 Proof

Barrel: 15-Gallon 

Mash Bill: 80/20 New York State Organic Corn/English Malt

Kings County is among the very first craft distillers to release a style of whiskey that can be considered the highest class of American Whiskey. Bottled-in-bond (BIB) products are still scarce in the craft world. BIB regulations require a product to be a minimum of 4-year-old, 100 proof, distilled by the same distillery and from the same distilling season. It's a stamp of quality that dates back to the Bottled-in-bond Act of 1897.

For this release, Kings County Distillery pulled barrels from our standard bourbon mash bill of 80% New York State organic corn and 20% English malt. These were twice distilled in 26-gallon pot stills back in the fall of 2012 and entered into charred, new-oak 15-gallon barrels at 116 proof.  We selected 9 of those barrels for this release and blended them into a batch that was bottled on December 21st. Total yield was 40 cases of 24 375ml bottles with a 40% angel’s share.

About Kings County Distillery
Kings County Distillery is New York City’s oldest operating whiskey distillery, the first since Prohibition. Founded in 2010, Kings County uses New York grain and traditional distilling equipment to produce whiskey in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, just steps from the former waterfront distillery district and the legendary site of the 1860s Brooklyn Whiskey Wars. Every drop the distillery sells is made in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.