Jepson Signature Reserve Brandy

Jepson Signature Reserve Brandy

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Jepson Brandy is distilled by Jaxon Keys Winery and Distillery. Jaxon Keys was one of the first two craft distilleries in the United States and have been distilling since 1982. That makes them the oldest independent craft distillery in the US!  Jepson brandy comes from estate-grown French Colombard. This grape was once widely planted in the Cognac region. They even use the traditional alembic still which was brought over from the Cognac region of France.

Age: Minimum of 20 years. Usually 20-25 years

Proof: 80 proof

Barrel: Limousin oak

Tasting notes: This brandy is full of sweet fruit. There are notes of pear and peach. It's backed up with softer notes of vanilla and char to provide body. That taste is light fruit. More pear and green apple shine through.

Use: I love drinking this neat. I believe that is the true test of a spirit. However, I have substituted this brandy in an old-fashioned and it was incredible. I've also made a successful sidecar. Just make sure to go easy on the Cointreau so that the brandy notes really come through.

Lets talk craft spirit unicorns. You won't see an old spirit that bears the craft name.

exhibits aromas of peaches and honey with soft forward fruit enhanced by caramel, butterscotch and vanilla. Sweet fruit flavors and smoky notes linger on the smooth finish. The Rare is the flagship brandy of this estate, and this blend was the very first brandy distilled in our facility and originally released in 1986