Great Wagon Road Salamander

Great Wagon Road Salamander

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Salamander Gluten-Free Vodka. Named after the legend passed down in the Blue Ridge Mountains that a Salamander was a sign of purity, Salamander is a corn-based high quality, gluten-free vodka made from exceptionally pure spring water from the Blue Ridge Mountains. But our water isn’t the only thing that is pure, so are our intentions. We believe in paying it forward. A $1 from each bottle sold will be directly re-invested into regional charities.  


  • 40% ABV | Corn-based (Tennessee sourced)

  • Gravity filtered through 36 inches of activated charcoal

  • 7x Distilled for exceptional purity

  • Crafted w/ artisanal spring water from Blue Ridge Mountains

  • Winner "50 Best Vodkas" 2017




  • Nose: Lemon, spicy citrus, kiwi, cantaloupe, bright, uplifting

  • Palate: grapefruit peel, sweet hint of banana pudding

  • Finish: Orange blossom, savory herb, wheat stalk, poblano