Covington Sweet Potato Vodka

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Jimmy Burch and Bobby Ham are 3rd generation sweet potato farmers in rural eastern North Carolina. They're in the sweet potato capital of the United States. In rural eastern North Carolina, they're good stewards of the land. These two grow, harvest and deliver delicious sweet potatoes to dinner tables all over the world.

After years of farming, they decided to try their hand at creating a great vodka made from the fruits of their own labor. As it turns out, sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas) make an excellent vodka.

Covington vodka is handmade locally from seedling to bottling. It’s distilled in small batches using a combination of traditional and modern distilling practices. Using a  varietal selection of locally grown Covington sweet potatoes costs a little more. But, it does create truly outstanding vodka.

This degree of artisanal quality is rare in an age of over-hyped packaging and celebrity endorsements — it is certainly never found in ordinary mass-produced vodka at any price.