Wyoming Whiskey Barrel #1651

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Proof: 113.5 - Cask Strength

Age: 6.5 Years

Mash bill: 68% corn, 20% wheat, 12% malted barley

Barrel Entry Proof: 115

This is the first in a series of Seelbach's craft barrel picks. Craft distiller's get a bad wrap sometimes. This is often because we're buying the wrong "craft" products. I want to highlight craft distillery's that are doing it the right way and releasing great products! I personally selected this barrel from five other barrels. 

This Wyoming Whiskey barrel is a 6 year and 6 months old. It was barreled in November of 2010. Wyoming uses a wheated mash bill created by former Maker's Mark Master Distiller Steve Nally. While he's no longer the Master Distiller at Wyoming Whiskey he set the foundation for what they're doing today. For more information about Wyoming Whiskey make sure to read my post here.

These 53-gallon barrels are stored in one of three warehouses in Kirby. Temperature is not regulated which means WW experiences sustained 130-degree temperatures in the summer and below zero temperatures in the winter. Meaningful daily temperature swings are also common. This fluctuation in temperature means that the whiskey is more dynamic on a daily basis and penetrates and recedes from the charred oak more frequently than other maturation environments.