Bourbon Pursuit & Bourbonr Barrell Barrel Selection

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Proof: 106.8 Proof

Age: 14 Years

Source: Tennessee bourbon

Barrel #: K732

Bottle Count: 96

This is the collaboration barrel between Bourbon Pursuit and Bourbonr. We selected from a line up of Tennessee bourbon and decided this barrel had a perfect balance of heat, spice, caramel, and oak.

The story behind the name - We dubbed this the "Serial Killer Barrel". We hosted a live tasting to select this barrel. While tasting someone mentioned that Ryan looked like a serial killer when he was tasting whiskey. Maybe it was the beard. Or, maybe he just gives off that serial killer vibe. Either way, we decide that it was too good not to use as the name. This barrel was a lot of fun to select. We look forward to sharing and doing more in the future.