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My name is Blake and I’ve run the whiskey blog "Bourbonr" since 2013. A lot has changed in the whiskey world since 2013. One of the benefits of writing Bourbonr is the access to a lot of different whiskey’s. But, within the last couple of years, I began to notice a few things. First, craft or micro-distilleries are popping up everywhere. Something like one new distillery per day. Two, a lot of them are making great and interesting products. Craft whiskey and spirits got a bad wrap as young inferior products. That has changed with lots of great distilleries spread across the country. And that’s where the third observation came in.
Blake Riber Bourbonr
The distribution of craft products is problematic. Not only for the distillery but for consumers. There were a lot of craft products I wanted to write about but didn’t. Most craft spirits are geographically confined. Spirits are usually limited to the home state of the distillery. Craft distilleries have a fraction of the supply of the major distillery’s. Moving into new markets is difficult when you're 3,000 cases per year brand.

I have personally tasted and vetted every bottle on Seelbach's

Seelbach's Craft Distillery Tasting
By chance, I came across a loophole that would allow me to work directly with craft distilleries. That’s where Seelbachs came from. I want to share these small brands and distilleries with people across the country. Yes, supply is limited. We find and share a constant supply of craft products with spirit enthusiasts.
I love the spirits from large distilleries. They make some of my favorite bourbons. But, when eight distillery’s make 99% of the bourbon on the market there’s room for revision. The big guys will continue to make great and consistent products. Experimenting with heritage grains and special barrels helps set craft distillers apart. A major distillery is a manufacturing plant for alcohol. A craft distillery can capture more flavor by adjusting fermentation and Distilling techniques. The flavor difference between a large scale column still and a small pot or hybrid still is immense.