Manifest Whiskey Project - Small Batch Bourbon

Manifest Whiskey Project - Small Batch Bourbon

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Bourbonr Note: Here's my full post about this release 

The 2016 release showcases easily one of the best American whiskey offerings; Bourbon. We stumbled across these twelve barrels of high-rye bourbon which originated at the old Seagrams facility in Lawrenceburg, IN. We purchased them as a nine-year-old bourbon where they finished aging in our facility. For the 2016 release, we teamed up with Blake Riber from to join in the adventure. Our entire team tasted through all 12 barrels and selected 5 that easily stood on their own. Those 5 are released as a single barrel bottling. The remaining 7 barrels were blended in varying degrees to make up our small batch release of this label.

When selecting barrels for our single-barrel bottling, we noticed 7 that really wanted to play together. After blending a handful of different combinations, it was clear which 7 barrels were destined to be harmoniously mixed forever. Rich leather-bound books welcome you into the story that only your mind can weave. Once there, you'll meet a delightful banana pudding with a toasted sugar top and a sidecar of Nilla wafers. Where the story goes from there is up to you to decide.

Age: 10 Years

Proof: 94