High Wire Distilling Jimmy Red Bourbon - Seelbach's Cask Strength

High Wire Distilling Jimmy Red Bourbon - Seelbach's Cask Strength

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Age: 2-years 8-months

Barrel: 53-gallon 

Proof: 110.6

Tasting Notes: Cherries jubilee and oak. There is a little bit of grain and allspice. The taste is viscous and syrupy. It's sweet with a good balance of tannic like toasted almonds. There is a lot of depth with brown sugar and orange zest. The finish is long and bounces between black tea and oak.

This is a barrel I've been working hard on. Ever since I heard the Jimmy Red story I've wanted a barrel. It only took a couple of trips to Charleston and some last-minute tasting but we got it done! I couldn't be more excited about the results. This is one of only 3-4 Jimmy Red private barrels available across the country.

Winner of the 2018 Garden & Gun Made In The South Award

There were only 2 cobs of Jimmy Red corn left after the last man known to grow it passed away. His family gave the seeds to Ted Chewning and he was able to bring it back to life. From two ears in 2013 to an estimated 250,000 lbs in 2017 the production on Jimmy Red corn has exploded.

High Wire Distilling in Charleston, SC began playing around with this corn in 2014. This bourbon is an incredible example of how heritage/heirloom grains are changing craft spirits. Craft distillers are using them to redefine the spirits we love.

With heavy nutty and sweet notes Jimmy Red corn creates a unique and warm flavor profile. The high oil content of the corn provides creamy and rich mouthfeel.