Townshend's Gin

Townshend's Gin

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Townshend's Gin is distilled with our Silver Tip Jasmine green tea, lavender flowers, chamomile blossoms, and juniper berries. Our low-temperature still is ideal for the gentle extraction required by these aromatic botanicals.

40% ABV 

About the Distillery:

Townshend's Distillery is the next step for us as a tea company. We've begun to utilize our years of experience with botanical blending and tea to create herbal spirits from our kombucha distillate. Our offerings include a family of tea liqueurs, Italian Amari (bitter liqueurs), and other botanical spirits, all distilled from a fermentation of tea and sugar. Crafting everything in-house from scratch ingredients, we strive to offer inventive additions to the worlds of both tea and craft spirits.