Ranger Creek .36 Straight Bourbon

Ranger Creek .36 Straight Bourbon

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Age: 2-4 Years

Proof: 90

Mash Bill: 70% Texas corn, 16% rye and 14% barley

Barrels: 53-Gallon

Bottle: 750 ml

.36 Texas Straight Bourbon is the flagship whiskey of Ranger Creek Distilling. It is aged in traditional large oak casks and matured under the Texas sun. Ranger Creek uses a step-mash process which helps to extract as much fermentable sweetness as possible from the mash. Step-mashing is a little more difficult to control but the end results are worth it.

Originally crafted by our Co-Founder and Head Distiller emeritus, TJ Miller, each batch follows our grain-to-glass philosophy. Texas corn is milled, mashed, fermented, and our whiskey is distilled and aged at our San Antonio distillery. That same traditional process is carried on today by our current head distiller, Allan Hall, and assistant distiller, Josh Gardner.