Dad's Hat Rye Punch Brothers Single Barrel

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Proof: 124 Proof

Age: Minimum of 3-years

Mash Bill: 80% Rye, 15% Barley Malt, 5% Rye Malt

Barrel: 53-gallon

Punch Brothers have selected a barrel of Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Straight Rye Whiskey that has been bottled by Dad’s Hat Co-founders Herman Mihalich and John Cooper to celebrate the band’s 2018 summer tour.

Punch Brothers tasted samples from several barrels of Dad’s Hat whiskey from the Bristol, PA distillery before selecting this particular barrel. As their 2010 song “Rye Whiskey” says, “Rye Whiskey makes the band sound better, makes your baby cuter, makes itself sweeter, oh boy!” These lyrics appear on the label of the newest Dad’s Hat, limited release bottles. 

“The band says that they don’t believe their music would be possible to make without rye whiskey, and none of them are willing to test the validity of that belief,” joked Mihalich. “This is a delicious barrel of whiskey, and fans will now have a chance to test the band’s theory on whiskey and music.”