10th Mountain Mooshine

10th Mountain Mooshine

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Proof: 80 Proof

Bottle Size: 750ml

The 10th Moutain Moonshine is an unaged whiskey distilled from local Colorado grains.

About 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirits:

The distillery is named after the 10th Mountain Division which trained in the area during WWII. After the war, many of the 10th Mountain soldiers returned to Colorado. These men founded resorts, competed and coached the U.S. Ski Team, established trail systems and overall embraced the mountain lifestyle. Founders Ryan Thompson and Christian Avignon wanted to embrace and honor this lifestyle.

To encourage these relationships, to embrace the mountain lifestyle and to honor the 10th Mountain soldiers who inspired our way of life, we created a tribute spirit company in Vail Colorado. Not only is it a tribute to the 10th Mountain soldier, but it is also a tribute to those that enjoy the mountain lifestyle, living it fully, every day. 

The 10th Mountain distillery sits at 7,000 feet. It's amazing to see the effect the altitude has on the whiskey. It is a young whiskey. There is a lot of complexity in the nose. There's black pepper, spearmint, and a subtle reminder of the green wood. The taste is sweet with light fruit while the finish moves to drier oak.