Grand Traverse Distillery Cherry Whiskey

Grand Traverse Distillery Cherry Whiskey

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Proof: 80 Proof

Montmorency tart cherry juice sourced from the Leelenau Fruit Company lends a mellow cherry finish to this whiskey. The whiskey starts off as a Michigan Bourbon and then the local cherry juice is added for the last month of aging. You pick up the subtle cherry notes on the front of your palate along with brown sugar and vanilla followed by a warm finish from the bourbon. This whiskey is great for Manhattans or Whiskey Sours.

About the Distillery:

Grand Traverse Distillery is a hands-on distillery. The distillers mill-in from local grain. They make cuts by taste. They're mashing before dawn and blending after sunset. Only when a batch exceeds their standard do they bottle it themselves. Countless hours and unparalleled attention go into every proof gallon of their products.